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Founded in 2014, Lucha Comics is focused on bringing you awesome, independent comic books and graphic novels that you won’t find anywhere else.

Historical fiction, combat sports, unique super heroes and even children’s stories – we have something for everyone.

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The Adventures of Super Yeiya & Tornado Man!

Sashi and Aurora are just two regular, Latinx kids – until an amazing event changes their lives forever, and puts them on the path to becoming the world’s greatest super heroes!


Fate is a strange thing. Why? Because we all have it, and not a single one of us can escape it.

Macbeth: The Red King

Macbeth: The Red King is not a re-telling of the Shakespeare classic, but rather a new history of the famous Scottish king.

The Fight We Never Saw

Ali vs. Stevenson. USA vs. Cuba at the height of the Cold War. The Heavyweight Champion vs. The Olympic Gold Medallist.

Finally, this fight will happen.

Thrill Rider

A small town amusement park appears to be saved by a token of corporate generosity. But what is really going on?

Indios de Corazon

Esta serie es la verdadera historia de Roberto Mercado, quien fue Batboy del equipo Puerto Riquense de beisbol famosos, Indios de Mayagüez, durante su temporada del milagro.

Other Titles

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Praise for Macbeth: The Red King

With Wieszczyk’s visual illustrations and Manning’s text, this historical retrospective about Mac Bethad mac Findlaích’s life is riveting and engaging. Macbeth: The Red King will not disappoint.
- Michele Brittany

Editorials Manager, Fanbase Press

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