Hungry Ghosts (Prose Novel)


Set in a worn-torn, famine ravished 15th century Japan, Hungry Ghosts follows a samurai turned priest, Taketsura, in his quest to vanquish an oni curse placed over his young ward.


Takeshi Ito wakes up with bandages over his eyes, because slashing at Takeshi’s eyes was the only way his opponents could stop the battle-maddened teenaged swordsman his comrades had nicknamed “the little god of death.” When the bandages come off, Takeshi can still see– but he keeps finding out strange things about the monk who saved him. Takeshi eventually realizes that the man who’d taken the name of Eisai when he tried to become a monk is really the great samurai Isogai Heidazaemon Taketsura, the wielder of the incredible sword Lightning-on-the-Water.
But will even Taketsura be able to solve the problem of the oni curse that Takeshi’s accidentally stumbled into before someone gets killed during a fit of bloodlust– someone like Kiyoko, the cute orphan girl who joins the two swordsmen as they roam Japan looking for a way to cure Takeshi…?